April 24, 2017


Company: SOURCENEXT Corporation

Noriyuki Matsuda, President and CEO

(Code: 4344 Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Section)

Contact: Administration Group

Fumihiko Aoyama, Managing Director

TEL: 03-6254-5231


SOURCENEXT Forms Business Alliance with ChineseSkill

(Tokyo, Japan –April 24, 2017) SOURCENEXT Corporation, announced today that they have signed contract with the Chinese development company ChineseSkill Co, Ltd. (henceforth referred to as "ChineseSkill"), to form a business alliance as of April 24, 2017. Details of the announcement as below:


1.      Background of Business Alliance

ChineseSkill is a development company based in China, who develop the Chinese language education app, "Doors to China". The app is a highly popular app which boasts over 3 million downloads*1 and is developed under the supervision of Chinese education specialists who graduated from renowned institutions such as Peking University, Beijing Language and Culture University and Beijing Foreign Studies University. Using various methodologies such as SRS (Spaced Repetition System: a method which incorporates increasing intervals of time between learned materials) and advanced voice recognition technologies to make the learning experience more fun and efficient.

By taking the highly potential products developed by ChineseSkill, SOURCENEXT aims to collaborate their knowledge and experience in the area of software planning / marketing / development, to bring forth even further growth and new business opportunities for both parties.

*1 Based on research by ChineseSkill

2.      Details of Business Alliance

SOURCENEXT will distribute ChineseSkill’s Chinese education app, "Doors to China" in the Japanese region.

3.      Corporate Overview


Corporate Name

ChineseSkill Co,Ltd


Office Location

No.11 Buliding, LangYuan Vintage, Chaoyang, Beijing, China



WANG ZHULONG (Executive President)


Main Businesses

Planning / developing and sales of language learning apps



June 17, 2014





4.      Key Dates


Agency Decision

April 24, 2017


Contract Signing

April 24, 2017


Begin Partnership

May 2017 (expected date)


5.      Future Forecasts

Although SOURCENEXT see the financial impact from this partnership to be minimal for the Fiscal Year ending March 2018, they believe that in the long term, this partnership will lead to increased corporate value in the years to come. If any events or issues arise which may affect future business performances, SOURCENEXT shall promptly make notice of such.